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Recently, we announced the official launch of Connection+, our best-in-class B2B2C linkage solution. What exactly is B2B2C linkage data? For AnalyticsIQ, we’ve brought together the power of our two robust databases, PeopleCore and BusinessCore, to help B2B brands identify and better understand their customers and prospects.

So why is it so important for B2B companies to be able to serve their prospects, especially small to micro-sized businesses, in real-time? Not only do today’s small businesses make up over 99% of all companies, but it’s these same small companies that have the long-term potential to grow into beloved big brands with even more buying power.

Take for example these powerful companies. They all had humble beginnings – and also a lot of rapid changes, which in today’s world translates into constantly shifting data points. This could include name, location, size, employees, revenue, and even products. Furthermore, today we see the name below and think of their eye-catching logos emblazoned into our brains. But all of these organizations are more than a logo; these companies were started by real people with real needs, real motivations, real preferences and real decision-making power.

Did you know that…
  • Apple: Started in a garage 🏠 and the third founder, Wayne, sold his 10% of shares back just two weeks after they launched 😳
  • Coca-Cola: Just two years after launch, three versions of Coca-Cola were being sold by three different businesses 🤯
  • Nike: Originally launched as “Blue Ribbon Sports” 💙, most Nike shoes initially were sold from the founder’s car at track meets 🚗
  • Walgreens: Charles Walgreen was a 28-year-old pharmacist 🧪 when he bought Isaac Blood, the original drugstore he worked at. Only once he reached 9 stores did he incorporate them as Walgreens Inc.
  • Geico: Founded by a husband-and-wife team 👩‍❤️‍👨 during the Great Depression and in the first year grew to have 12 employees💯

And that’s where the power of B2B2C linkage data comes in. Even as businesses quickly evolve, a solution like Connection+ can keep pace. Ultimately, brands can now unlock contextual, predictive insights on not only the organization, but more importantly, the people driving them forward. And especially in small businesses, these folks are moving fast and making quick decisions to keep their company plowing forward.

With a full 360-degree picture of these individuals – as both professionals and everyday people – B2B brands can tap into powerful use cases like:

  • Personalized Marketing
  • Improved Pricing & Underwriting
  • Sophisticated Modeling
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Cross-Sell Up Opportunities
  • Real-Time Product Offers

And that’s just scratching the surface. With over 1500+ quality data variables available from both our B2B and B2C databases, the opportunity to win over small, but valuable businesses is incredible. Curious to learn more, or even discuss a match test? Feel free to check out our Connection+ page  or contact us at