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Last year, AnalyticsIQ boldly unveiled groundbreaking research that delved into one of the most enigmatic figures in society – none other than Santa Claus himself. Our claim? Santa, otherwise known as Kris Kringle, is a data scientist. Brimming with confidence in our findings, we shared our research with the world, only to shift our focus back to more earthly matters in the ensuing months.


Santa Breaks the Silence

As the anniversary of our revelatory report approached, we were taken aback to discover a mysterious folder, ominously titled “From Santa,” nestled within our corporate drive. Within this digital treasure trove were a series of videos – a direct response to our assertions about Santa’s data science prowess. Take a look!

Kris Kringle, the Master of Data Science

Covering a spectrum of topics, from the intricacies of data fueling predictive analytics to discussions on data hygiene and residential detail data, these videos not only validated our initial claims but illuminated Kris Kringle’s role as a true innovator in the field of data science. We will share them on our LinkedIn page to ensure the world has access to all the newly available evidence.

Check out more videos from Santa on LinkedIn

Therefore, it becomes abundantly clear that Santa Claus, often viewed as a magical and mythical being, transcends these perceptions to emerge as the ultimate data scientist. His adeptness in leveraging data for both naughty and nice behaviors not only demonstrated his analytical finesse. It also highlighted the versatile and transformative power of analytics when wielded by a seasoned professional.

Santa’s Correspondence

Now, as we reflect on these unexpected revelations, it’s evident that Santa’s influence in the realm of data science extends as far as his magical sleigh can travel.

So, here are our burning questions to Santa himself! Is this the first step in a brand new means of communication with the North Pole? Which elements of your data strategy are open source? How much of your naughty and nice list is based on predictive analytics? We have so many more…

Surely, the world awaits your next video message, and we’re excited to continue uncovering the data-driven mysteries surrounding the legendary figure leading the festive charge each year!

Uncover Your Audience with AnalyticsIQ

Now you know that our Santa is a geek in disguise. But, do you know enough about your audience?

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Disclaimer: videos were created by Sythesia using AI. They may or may not accurately represent Santa’s true opinions.