Our Unique Approach

Truly knowing your customers requires more than simply using the most accurate demographic data like income, age, and gender. It even involves going beyond behavioral data like past purchases, lifestyle interests, and channel preferences. Although this data is important, getting into the psyche of your customers can help you connect with them like never before. This is where our psychological data is a game changer.

As the first data company to consistently blend cognitive psychology with data science, we dive into what motivates people. Is it a desire for adventure? A need for a deal? A love for luxury? A shift in the economy? At AnalyticsIQ, our unique approach helps you know your customers like you know your friends.

Million Individuals
Million Households
Data Attributes Available

Demographics & Finance

If you want to know your customers like you know your friends, you need to start your data strategy with the fundamentals... high quality demographic and finance data that builds the framework of an individual.

Many data companies compile data points about consumers from disparate sources, but the quality of the resulting segments depends on the talents of the data science team. Simple attributes like age, gender, and ethnicity cannot be taken for granted as they have a massive impact on the performance of marketing.

Financial and affluence data is also critical for marketers to match their products and services with the right audience. It's critical for this data to be both accurate and in-depth. Yes, income matters, but discretionary income, especially across specific product categories, may matter more even more to your brand.

Rich, accurate demographic and affluence data is an important building block in painting a complete picture of your audience.

Our PeopleCore database helps you understand "who" people are at their core. Our demographic, financial and affluence data includes attributes like:

  • Age, gender, marital status, and family structure
  • Income and net worth
  • Discretionary spend across product categories
  • Religious and political affiliations
  • Housing data
  • Ethnicity
  • Occupation
  • Credit history and activity
  • Investment types and activity

Lifestyles & Behavior

Are you ready to understand the lifestyles, habits and preferences of your audience? Then it's time to add color to your audience profile with our rich lifestyle and behavior data.

These data attributes are key to helping identify prospects that look like your current best customers. Behaviors like past purchases, channel responsiveness, charities of interest, and even health related behaviors can help identify patterns and traits in your existing and future customer base.

With our PeopleCore database, you can also understand "what" actions people take everyday. Our lifestyle and behavior data includes attributes like:

  • Marketing channel preference and receptivity
  • Charitable donations
  • Health and wellness insights
  • Detailed interests and hobbies
  • Past purchases across product categories

Predictors & Motivators

Using psychology to evaluate all available data is what makes a sound strategy a spectacular one. Our data helps predict not only who is in-market for a vehicle or vacation or insurance product, but also what factors lead them to make the decisions they do. Are they impulsive? An early adopter? Or do they play things safe? We are so committed to this approach we employ a team of data scientists and cognitive psychologists to build our products.

We want to help marketers go beyond "known" information. And this is where our predictive data, which leverages surveys and double validated models can help you get into the mind of your customers.

This is where our PeopleCore database is unlike any other data you've used, getting to the heart of "why" consumers make decisions. Our psychological approach means we offer predictive data elements including:

  • Psychological drivers like extroversion, impulsiveness, risk aversion, and brand loyalty
  • Automotive purchase predictors by vehicle make
  • Travel in-market status
  • Discretionary spend by product category
  • Economic factors that affect the household

Symphony Segmentation Scales Personalization

There are 242 million unique individuals in the United States with marketable data. If you want to win the "personalization" game, you need to start by segmenting similar individuals. Segmentation allows marketers to customize messaging, prioritize targets, and learn about their audiences... at scale.

Instead of simply building segments at a geographic level using census data like most data companies, our Symphony segmentation solution looks at individuals and households in order to construct meaningful groups of like-minded people. With 10 overarching groups and 90 underlying types, we've already done the work of segmenting your audience based on their lifestyle.