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The world has changed and your customers are at the center. Consumers have come to expect highly personalized content and advertising experiences. Even with over 90% of marketers relying on data to create personalized experiences, over half of consumers say these experiences are not meeting their expectations. The cause? Bad data.

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Coupon users are 219% more likely to have kids aged 3-5
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1 in 3 shoppers are highly likely to be cryptocurrency users

With over 100 years of collective analytical experience, we are the only data company to consistently blend cognitive psychology with data science to understand the heart of consumers and their motivations.

The proof is in the performance of our data, consistently outperforming others. And our flexible approach means we’ll do what it takes to work together.

Our Unique Approach

Having the right data is only half the battle. In order to drive meaningful results, data must be validated and tested before it can be applied successfully. At AnalyticsIQ, we take a scientific and psychological approach to data collection and validation. We carefully source, aggregate, cleanse, and link data from a variety of sources resulting in the most comprehensive and accurate view of your customers.

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Our team of PhD’s, including cognitive psychologists, asks the right questions to uncover new insights.

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We can deploy surveys to consumers from a panel of 4,000,000 people to mine intelligence and develop audience segments tailored to you.

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It’s not just about surveys. We take a scientific approach to validate and scale consumer insights.

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Our audience segments are scalable, but never sacrifice accuracy. You can activate them across channels.

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See The Whole Picture

Our proprietary consumer database, PeopleCore, blends together demographic, transactional, and self-reported data collected from over 263 million individuals and 127 million households to create the most accurate and comprehensive view of your customers.

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Social Network Activity across facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Marketing Channel Preference

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Giving Ability, Motivations, Causes, Donor Channel Preference

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Diet, Exercise, BMI, Sleep, SDoH, Stress, Lifecycle Personas, Wellness Score, Medical Utilization

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Auto, Cooking, Cosmetics, Electronics, Exercise, Food, Gaming, Home Improvement, Movies, Music, Sports, Reading, Travel

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Apparel, Books, Technology, Health & Reality, Home Goods, Ride Share Services


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Bank deposits, bankruptcy, housing stats, retail sales, unemployment

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Discretionary spend on lifestyle categories, likelihood to be in market for education, dating services, and insurance

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Values, beliefs, tendency to take risks

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Spend level, travel type, international domestic

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Vehicle model in-market predictors


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Age, Gender, Marital Status, Children, Ethnicity, Education, Occupation, Politics

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Income, discretionary spend, debt, investor type, liquid assets, net worth, credit cards

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Focus score, ability to pay, auto, retail, bank, balances

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Purchase data, home value, dwelling specs, mortgage information

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Small business owners, profession, students

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Lifestyle segmentation, 10 overarching groups, 90 underlying types

Not seeing the data your brand needs?

Fuel Every Brand
Experience, Across Every Device

Now more than ever it’s important to reach your customers no matter where they are. Our data can be activated across channels for targeted campaigns including direct mail, mobile, online, email, and even TV.

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Grow Your Business

Curious if PeopleCore is right for you? We’d be happy to share a sample and strategize the ideal solution. Request your complimentary data sample today!