Powerful Data

Know Your Customers Like You Know Your Friends

Access the predictive data, audiences, and analytics your team needs to launch targeted campaigns, build better models, create data-driven products and grow your business. By blending cognitive psychology and data science, our mission is to fuel better outcomes for all by creating high-quality and predictive people-based data.

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Why Not?

You don’t need more data You need better data.

Marketing Data, Reimagined!

We’re here to help marketing and data teams go beyond the basics. Sure, we know who people are and what they do. But our proprietary B2C & B2B marketing data kicks things up a notch, revealing why people do what they do.

Psychology + Data Science = Success

We’re the first data company to blend research based in cognitive psychology with data science. This means our data keeps up with today’s rapidly shifting culture, economy and beliefs.

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See the Future

Our predictive data is like giving your team a crystal ball. With the right data, you can stay one step ahead of your audience’s needs, wants and behaviors, and ultimately win their hearts and minds.

Tailored to You

We build predictive data for unpredictable times. If your team needs fresh, unique data to answer your biggest business challenges, look no further.

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Consumer & Business Data

The Data You Need to Grow

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Cutting-edge B2C data you’ll only find here

Successful campaigns start with PeopleCore, our consumer marketing database featuring 100+ unique attributes covering over 264 million individuals.

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The only B2B data that pinpoints motivations

Teams close more deals and deliver better products when they gain a 360 degree view of a company and the professionals leading those organizations.

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Connection+ Linkage

The richest source of B2B2C linkage data

Not only does our B2B2C linkage data include offline and online data points, but our Connection+ B2B2C linkage is unparalleled with its ability to combine personal and professional data.

Data On-Demand

Access the Most Predictive Data Across Leading Platforms

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We Speak Geek!

Unlike Any Other Data Company

Marketing Identifiers

Take Omnichannel Action

Precise marketing and analytics requires understanding your audience across channels – both online and offline.  AnalyticsIQ’s comprehensive identity graph includes data points like HEMs, MAIDs and IP addresses.

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See Professionals as People

Businesses don’t make decisions – people do. AnalyticsIQ has the rare ability to link together B2B and B2C data to provide a true 360 degree view of individuals – at home and at the office.

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Instant Access

Get Data Where You Need It

Our data is readily available in the tools and workspaces that data teams need – think Snowflake! We also offer flexible licensing deals to ensure you’ll always have access to the freshest data.

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Personalization Starts Here

Ready to launch one-to-one campaigns? We make it easy to target your ideal audience across channels, including direct mail, digital, mobile and even addressable TV.

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Just For You

Your Challenge, Our Data

Need a partner to help you create a powerful custom data set that answers your unique questions? AnalyticsIQ’s team of PhDs and analysts to create powerful data tailored to your specific business by blending cognitive research and data science.

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True Partners

Success is No Accident

Want to know a smart marketing hack for growing your business? Partner with AnalyticIQ. We understand the specific data challenges and use cases facing your industry.  Need proof? Check out our latest case studies.

Dream Big

Our Cognitive Research, Your Proprietary Insights

Marketers and data scientists turn to AnalyticsIQ for fresh, predictive data. Every quarter, we create dozens of new, proprietary audiences that reflect today’s rapidly shifting trends, behaviors, and economies. Moreover, AnalyticsIQ’s data creation engine provides clients with custom insights when they need it. Curious if we have the data you need? Submit your data request below and we’ll be in touch.

Consumers Have the Power

Say farewell to privacy policies packed with legal jargon. Learn about AnalyticsIQ’s data collection practices and how you can access, correct, and opt out of our marketing database on our consumer privacy page.

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Let’s Get to Work

Curious if AnalyticsIQ can help you reach your data-driven goals? Let’s connect!