Did you know married couples are 21% more likely to go to the dentist regularly? That divorcees meditate more than their married counterparts, and singles are more likely to get Marketplace health insurance? At AnalyticsIQ, we’ve powered the creation of statistics and insights that show the crossover between relationships and healthcare – and how both influence decisions on medical coverage, general habits, and personal care.

From fitness and exercise to diet and nutrition, learn more about the personas that matter most to your business and get to know them better through the lens of their relationship status.

Health, Dental & Vision Coverage

  1. Married couples are 14% more likely to purchase dental insurance.
  2. Married couples are 14% more likely to have Employer-provided health insurance.
  3. Single individuals are 16% more likely to have Marketplace health insurance.
  4. Divorced individuals are 27% less likely to purchase dental insurance and 30% less likely to purchase vision coverage.
  5. Households with children present are 22% more likely to purchase dental insurance. They are also 30% more likely to purchase vision insurance.

Fitness & Exercise

  1. Divorced individuals are 43% less likely to use a Fitbit than the general population. 
  2. Households with children are 35% more likely to be exercising frequently. 
  3. Single individuals are 15% more likely to exercise regularly. 
  4. Divorced individuals are 17% more likely to meditate and get 15% better quality sleep.

Getting Care

  1. Married couples are 21% more likely to make regular dentist appointments. 
  2. Divorced individuals are 20% less likely to utilize telemedicine services and 28% less likely to visit an urgent care clinic. 
  3. Households with children are 28% more likely to use telemedicine services and 34% more likely to have visited urgent care in the past 12 months. 
  4. Parents of kids under 2 have 28% worse sleep quality and 27% higher stress levels than the general population. 

Diet & Nutrition

  1. Single individuals are 15% more likely to consume a vegan diet than the average person and are 22% more likely to be open to meat alternatives. 
  2. Married couples are 12% more likely to take health supplements than the general population. 
  3. Households with children present are 22% more likely to make organic grocery purchases and 28% more likely to buy groceries regularly from a farmer’s market. 
  4. Households with children spend 18% more on alcohol than the general population.

AnalyticsIQ data powers the creation of all the predicted stats and insights on insurance and healthcare, and wellness referenced in this article. Any comparisons that show a comparative lift or decrease in behavior (EX: X% more likely) are predictions compared against the general population.

Want to dig in deeper on audiences or gain a better understanding of your existing customer base? Check out our Health or Insurance pages to access additional resources. At AnalyticsIQ, we love collaborating to find new ways our ethical data can solve everyday problems, so reach out to us at sales@analyticsiq.com. Let’s talk!

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