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Data Science & Analytics

Simplify Complex Problems with Predictive Data.

AnalyticsIQ’s data is built by data scientists for data scientists. Created by a team of PhD’s and cognitive psychologists, our data is structured to empower teams to extract custom insights and produce powerful models.

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Power Your Data Platforms.

Work and collaborate seamlessly with AnalyticsIQ’s data across the tools and partners you rely on everyday.

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Pair Your Analytics Skills with Our Predictive Data for Big Wins

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Have tough questions that conventional data can’t answer? Let AnalyticsIQ conduct custom psychological research that predicts your audience’s motivations, attitudes and actions related to nearly any topic.

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If you’re looking for data with scale and depth, our B2C and B2B data has you covered. We’ll get our data into your key environments for seamless data collaboration and exploration.

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Build, deploy and optimize models tailored to your goals. Whether you’re looking to acquire new customers or prevent current ones from leaving, our detailed data is formatted perfectly for modeling precision.

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Data Collaboration

Securely access AnalyticsIQ’s data across leading clean room environments, like Snowflake, for enhanced identity resolution, audience creation and sophisticated measurement attribution insights.


Keeping Up with Consumers Starts Here.

Our data reflects people’s modern attitudes, aspirations and actions. Specifically designed for data scientists, many of our variables are available on the likert scale or dollars as thousands rather than ranges, making them ideal for customizing models.

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263+ Million


127+ Million

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Predictive Data

1500+ Variables

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You’re About to Uplevel Your B2B Data Strategy.

Ready to go beyond basic firmographics and outdated employee lists? BusinessCore delivers more intelligence on fast-growing SMBs and the people driving them forward than any other B2B source.

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129+ Million


24+ Million

B2B2C Linkage

72+ Million

Why Yes, You Can Know Professionals As Real People.

Looking for a complete 360° view of people across both their work and home lives? Connection+ is the B2B2C linkage solution that lets you understand and reach your customers better.

There is No One-Size-Fits-All Approach.

Work with a partner who deeply understands the use cases, KPIs and regulations for your specific industry, from healthcare to financial services to insurance.

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Financial Services

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Your Intro to Our Insights Starts Here


Economic Data: The Secret for Game Changing Model Performance

Economic data paints the picture of the current state of the economy, which of course, informs business strategy decisions every day. But how can it improve your models?

Research Report

The Current Impact of Inflation on Consumers

Straight from AnalyticsIQ’s Cognitive Sciences Research Department recent consumer survey, see how current inflation trends are impacting different audiences.

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Transform Data Into Decisions.

You have the curiosity, creativity and analytics skills; we have the data. Let’s collaborate to solve your biggest business challenges.

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