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This year, AnalyticsIQ’s Margo Hock and Kevin Dean embarked our company’s inaugural voyage to the south of France for Cannes 2023 to meet up with fellow advertising, marketing, and technology leaders for a unique combination of leading-edge conversations set against the backdrop of sand, sun, and sailboat (okay, more like yachts but that didn’t fit the alliteration).

Amongst our meetings with both current and future partners, as well as attending special events and panels hosted by communities like Beet.TV, key themes continued to emerge in Cannes. Here are our five top takeaways from Cannes 2023’s…

Think global. Act local.

Organizations understand that each country, and now even many states, are taking on new and varying data and privacy regulations. This means they are seeking partners who they can trust with that level of reliability and expertise, but who also have the ability to scale their capabilities internationally.

Clean room collaboration is here.

The industry is still a bit early on in the ‘hype cycle’. Both advertisers and publishers know there is an opportunity for innovation with data clean rooms. The promise of not moving data around to numerous locations and partners, and to be able to safely share and connect multiple data sources is pretty enticing. In fact, many companies are implementing polices that prevent PII from leaving their own walls, reinforcing the proliferation of collaboration via shareable identiers. At AnalyticsIQ, we’ve also seen an uptick in our customers licensing and accessing our data for collaboration use cases and in a clean room environment.

Interoperable IDs are a must.

Especially with the cookie-pocolypse in full swing, ubiquitous IDs are a necessity, ensuring that buyers, sellers and tech partners can identify, target and measure audiences effectively. The two primary linkage currency partners noted during event conversations included LiveRamp’s RampID as well as the Trade Desk UID 2.0. Fortunately, AnalyticsIQ’s strategy is for our people-based data to maintain the highest, most accurate match rate possible with whatever ID our clients are doubling down on, including the two mentioned here.

DEI is for the C-Suite, too.

Many leading organizations are focused on narrowing the diversity, equity and inclusion gaps that may exist in their four walls. Ultimately they want to ensure people of all backgrounds are welcomed and working in the roles they are best suited for no matter their background. And especially for marketing, this means that companies who embrace DEI initiatives internally will also reflect those values externally in their go-to-market strategy. Furthermore, companies focusing on DEI want to partner and work with other like-minded organizations.

Audio is the hottest new channel.

Who didn’t listen to one of their podcasts on their flight over to France? No surprise, audio was one of the hottest topics of conversation this year at Cannes 2023. Not only how are they accessing audio – like via a podcast – but also where. Are they in a car? At work? Often referred to as the ‘theater of the mind’, audio is having discussions similar to TV and video with brands seeking insights and opportunities to buy based on factors like length and daypart.

We look forward to heading back in 2024! And if you’d like to dive deeper into any of these topics with the AnalyticsIQ team to see how we are making an impact in each of these areas, reach out here.

Bonus picture of Margo and Kevin soaking up the sun in Cannes!