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Not many aspects of life were affected by COVID-19 quite like traveling and the travel industry. Whether it be due to caution or due to legal restrictions, many of us cancelled or postponed travel plans at some point during the pandemic. However, some individuals ‘carried on with the carry-ons’ and didn’t let COVID-19 halt their travels.

To better understand pandemic-induced consumer behaviors and the motivations driving those behaviors, our team of data scientists and cognitive psychologists conducted research at the height of the pandemic to gain insight into likely consumer travel intentions over the course of the next 3-6 months despite the presence of COVID-19 and identified a unique group of Pandemic Travelers.

So, who are these Pandemic Travelers? Here’s a sneak peek:

  • 44.5 years old on average
  • An affluent audience with an annual income 97.3% higher than the average individual
  • Spends 58.6% more on discretionary items each year
  • 83% of Pandemic Travelers are likely to be enticed to travel because of new discounts, cancellation flexibility or robust travel insurance policies

To get the complete picture on this unique group of consumers, click here to check out the 6-page profile report on Pandemic Travelers, or contact us at