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Not many industries were affected over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic as much as the travel industry. But as vaccines become more readily available and travel restrictions begin to loosen, pent up consumers are eager to hit the road once again – and travel brands are eager to capitalize and rebound.

And while personalization has always been critical for travel marketers, it has perhaps never been more important as major questions remain as we enter our new normal. In order to connect with wary consumers and put any worries to rest, brands must leverage data that not only speaks to who people are and what they do, but most importantly why they do what they do by gaining insight into the motivations driving their decisions.

Using our own proprietary data and research, our new travel eBook aims to answer the biggest questions facing the travel industry post-pandemic like are consumer ready to travel? Which consumers are most likely to travel? What travel types are individuals most likely to choose? What is motivating individuals to travel? How can travel brands accommodate wary consumers?

Ready to dive into the data in order to answer these crucial questions? Download our complete travel eBook here.