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With so much uncertainty in the world today – especially regarding COVID-19 and the global pandemic – it’s no wonder that consumers are reaching towards products and practices that might calm their nerves and ease any anxiety they may be facing. From journaling and meditating to drinking and eating, each of our Pandemic Personas have very unique ways of coping.

While CBD has many uses and health benefits, one of its most well-known uses is to calm stress and anxiety. Using our proprietary CBD data in conjunction with our pandemic research, we were able to identify two groups within our Pandemic Personas that are most likely to use CBD as a method of coping during these challenging times – On Guard Cynics and Remiss Pessimists.

Our On Guard Cynic persona is characterized as very protective in their health safety measures while also having a negative outlook on the pandemic situation. These individuals are likely limiting their interactions to video chats and social media, as their cautious attitude keeps them away from the crowds. They are currently prioritizing their purchases of soap and hand sanitizer, over-the-counter medication, and masks. They are coping by playing music, cleaning, and drinking alcohol. In addition, 14.3% of individuals who fall within this category are using CBD as a coping mechanism – nearly twice the national average.

Furthermore, our Remiss Pessimist persona is characterized as non-protective in their health safety measures in addition to having a negative outlook on the situation. While these individuals do not have high hopes for the post-pandemic future, you likely will not find them wearing a mask or distancing themselves from others. In fact, this group of consumers is likely to be more frustrated by the restrictions put in place than other groups. They are currently prioritizing their purchases of alcohol, DIY projects, and apparel. They are coping by drinking, eating, and cleaning. While not as likely as On Guard Cynics, 7.8% of Remiss Pessimists are likely to use CBD as a coping mechanism which also exceeds the national average.

Many businesses are feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. And CBD faces uniquely challenging times due to the nature of the industry. However, it is clear that there is opportunity to acquire new customers despite the pandemic – CBD brands need to target those most likely to use their products at this time, and On Guard Cynics and Remiss Pessimists are two personas that are likely to turn to CBD at this time.

Interested in learning more about our Pandemic Personas or CBD audiences? Download our complete Pandemic Personas guide here to access not only a detailed description of each of our four groups, but insight into their methods of coping, their purchasing priorities, and so much more to help you navigate your marketing efforts during these challenging times. And to learn more about how our CBD audiences can fuel your growing brand, click here.