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From the outside looking in, the world of B2B can seem dry and impersonal…especially when compared to B2C marketing. Fortunately, our new B2B Marketing Myths eBook details the five most common myths and misconceptions surrounding B2B and how to revamp your approach in order to connect with the people you’re selling to. After all, businesses don’t make decisions – people do!

In this eBook, our SVP of Business Data Partnerships Curtis Marshall explains how, with the right data, B2B can be just as personalized as B2C marketing by exploring the hidden truth behind the following myths (Hint – click the links below for a quick video on each myth from Curtis himself!):

  • Myth #1: B2B stands for ‘boring-to-boring’.
  • Myth #2: B2B is NOT personal.
  • Myth #3: B2B marketing stops after the sale.
  • Myth #4: B2B brands should avoid social media.
  • Myth #5: B2B data is nothing like B2C.

These misconceptions, especially regarding data, are needlessly preventing brands from not only generating more leads, but also deepening their relationship with their customers and prospects. If you’re ready to take your marketing approach to the next level, click here to access our complete eBook!