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Politics is a volatile industry. Between social issues, current events and political commentary, public opinion can change on a dime. At the same time, political viewpoints are diversifying - constituents cherry-pick from party platforms rather than strictly aligning with a single organization. This puts extra strain on political marketers, who are responsible for finding, reaching, and mobilizing constituents to vote or support a certain candidate or policy. With so much at stake, it’s vital to craft campaigns that actually speak to the needs, concerns, and goals of your constituency. AnalyticsIQ makes it possible, by giving you a clear look at the people on the other side of the ballot and the issues they care about.

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Political Audiences: Break through the Noise and Drive Change

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Contributions Soar for Political Groups using New Donor Models


How Events Affect Voter Turnout

Non-voters are 92% more likely to be renters

Voters have nearly 6X the net worth of non-voters

Political donors (either party) are over 47% more likely to be military veterans

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