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Shopping habits and trends change fast and frequently. It’s up to retailers to keep up. These days, shoppers are savvy researchers, bargain seekers and happily influenced by their social sphere. In fact, 81% of retail shoppers will look online for great deals before stepping into your store. That’s why you need to create a great, personalized, and integrated experience both online and in-store. That’s where we come in. With AnalyticsIQ, you’ll get everything you need to turn a window shopper into a loyal brand ambassador. Knowing a shopper’s specific needs, spend habits and abilities, and overall shopping motivators will help you deliver what they're seeking, and keep them coming back for more.

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89% of value seeking consumers are female


Tech Innovators are nearly 5X more likely to be DIYs compared with laggards


Loyal customers are 55% more likely to "think green" than the US population


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