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The content revolution is here and consumers are in the driver's seat like never before. With more choices than ever, now people watch, listen, and read content when, where, and how they want.

With consumer attention as today's hottest commodity, data is key for both Advanced TV media companies and advertisers to grow their businesses and deliver relevant ad experiences. By leveraging AnalyticsIQ data, MVPDs, CTV and OTT publishers and platforms can better understand who is behind the screen including their habits, preferences, interests, and motivations. With this intelligence, media companies can help today's biggest brands reach high value audiences and measure ad effectiveness with AnalyticsIQ.

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ChannelIQ: Influence the Influencers


Meet the Next Generation of TV Watchers

Product Sheet

Advanced TV: The Future of Data-Driven TV is Here

Target shoppers are most likely to view TV content across multiple devices


Streaming subscribers are 109% more likely to also be Twitch viewers


Cord cutters are 43% more likely to be
in-market for a car


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TV Viewers?


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