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Leading data company leverages proprietary research and data science to construct unique marketing personas based on people’s health-related attitudes & actions

ATLANTA, GEORGIA (Original Post August 5, 2020 via — To make it easier for health and wellness marketers to launch influential cross-channel campaigns, AnalyticsIQ, a leading marketing data innovator, announces the launch of their Health and Wellness Personas. Based on the company’s proprietary cognitive psychological research, the personas are aimed at helping marketers understand and segment consumers based on their health and wellness beliefs and actions.

“The way people prioritize and manage their health continues to evolve.Ten years ago, people weren’t dabbling in CBD to manage their stress, having Zoom meetings with the doctor or breaking a sweat on their cycle with hundreds of others from the comfort of their living room. Now they are, “ states Scarlett Shipp, Chief Product Officer at AnalyticsIQ. “Healthcare marketers need fresh, human-centric insights if they want to keep pace with consumers. Our personas can help spark real connections.”

With accurate personas, marketers can create a multi-dimensional approach to engaging and influencing audiences. Companies who better understand how their prospective patients prioritize health while also identifying potential risks to adherence have the power to launch cost-effective, privacy-compliant marketing that inspires action.

The AnalyticsIQ Health and Wellness Personas segment individuals based on their health attitudes – enthusiasm vs indifference – and their lifestyle actions – adherence vs non-adherence to health recommendations. The end result is four key personas:

  • The Wellness Strivers: Individuals enthusiastic about their health and committed to taking actions that align with those positive beliefs
  • The Care Plan Conformist: Individuals who have an indifferent attitude about their wellness but can be counted on to follow doctor’s orders
  • The Conscious Resister: Individuals who believe in a healthy lifestyle, but do not typically adhere to healthy lifestyle recommendations and professional guidance
  • The Well-Being Bystander: Individuals who are indifferent about health, from diet to exercise, and are also not likely to abide by medical or health advice when they do receive it

“Health and wellbeing are not static characteristics. They are part of an evolving and lifelong journey, and anyone can move up, down, or around our Health & Wellness segmentation based on shifting life circumstances, personal will and motivation, or ongoing medical and social support. So, It’s completely possible for someone to have been a Conscious Resistor at one point in their life and move toward becoming a Wellness Striver. Or for someone to have been a Care Plan Conformist and slowly drift into a Well-Being Bystander.” says Dr. Sarah Cavrak, Director of Cognitive Sciences at AnalyticsIQ.

“But in order to walk with people along their personal path toward optimal health and wellbeing, we need to meet them where they’re at, right now. Our Health & Wellness segmentation is an empirically-anchored approach that pinpoints each person and their health profile, so that marketers and healthcare professionals can understand and support them as they journey forward.”

Available starting today, marketers can now access AnalyticsIQ’s Health and Wellness Personas to analyze their current database, segment prospects and launch effective cross-channel communication. To learn more and access the Health & Wellness Personas Guide packed with actionable insights, brands can visit or contact AnalyticsIQ directly.