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While general auto trends have shifted as predicted, the wake of the pandemic has significantly altered the automotive marketing landscape in unexpected ways. The biggest changes? A shift in consumers’ mindset regarding car ownership and the increased importance of personal transportation within their daily lives. We’ve compiled a list of eight market-changing trends in our brand new Auto Trends eBook, which you can access here.

Although the industry has been drastically affected over the past few months, automotive companies and marketers alike are still striving to meet their bottom lines and drive profit this year. Understanding unique trends occurring today is the key to identifying solutions to address and capitalize on these opportunities.

Not only that, but understanding consumers’ overall sentiment towards the automotive marketplace can shine a light on their behaviors in other verticals and industries.

Our new Auto Trends eBook was created to be your ultimate guide to navigate today’s auto market. Inside, will you find eight in-depth trends that are shaking up the market – along with our data-driven insights powered by our new and improved AutoIQ dataset to help you make the most of these opportunities.

Here’s a look at some questions we answer:

  • Why are more consumers interested in purchasing a car now than before the pandemic?
  • While electric vehicles have been on the rise for a while, why the sudden jump in interest and sales?
  • Are hatchback models a thing of the past or the next wave of the future?

Interested in unlocking the answer to these questions and so many more? Check out our eBook in the link below and give your company a competitive advantage to target consumers who are likely to respond well to these automotive marketing trends. Download it here!