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Dear AnalyticsIQ Clients and Friends:

We at AnalyticsIQ hope that the dawning of the New Year finds you well and in good health. It is hard to believe that it is 2023!

The year 2022 was not without its challenges. We are thankful that our immediate employee-family survived the pandemic intact, while we honor and remember those who were not so fortunate. While there were no doubt some economic headwinds as well, our company continued our rapid growth. While others are shrinking as the economy slows, we have continued our investment in our company by growing our workforce by over 30% in 2022.

We are also bringing some notable new products to the market:

  • We recently introduced Connection+, the richest source of B2B2C linkage data, especially ideal for instantly identifying micro and small businesses and the people driving them forward, both as professionals and everyday people. Powered by AnalyticsIQ’s two robust databases, PeopleCore and BusinessCore, brands can tap into predictive, contextual profiles on both businesses and the people making key buying decisions with over 66+ million B2B2C linkages.
  • In 2023, AnalyticsIQ will be rounding out our offering as a leading data and analytics innovator with the introduction of our very own complete identity solution, giving us the ability to resolve and connect to even more disparate data sources and types while also increasing match rates and more.

Maybe we do not say this as much as we should: we appreciate our partnership. Always feel free to reach out to me personally to let me know if there is anything we can do to make our partnership better.

Happy New Year!