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We are back with a new episode of Winning with Data! In this edition, our Chief Analytical Officer Gregg Weldon discusses all things video games and the brand-new variables we have created to help marketers match gamers with the appropriate offer.

Our latest variable, which predicts an individual’s gaming platform preferences, was created to complement our existing Video Game Dedication Spectrum variable that categorizes video game players into four main categories – casual, mid-core, core, and hardcore. These categories describe their overall level of gaming interest and dedication.

In our latest update and release, we have analyzed and categorized consumers by the video game platforms in which they are most likely to enjoy between console, mobile, PC, or a combination. When using insights from our video game dedication spectrum and gaming platform preferences in tandem, data-driven marketers can see gamers more holistically by gaining a better understanding of where gamers typically play in addition to their level of dedication on those platforms and video games in general.
Check out the short video here for Gregg’s discussion of our new variables and more.

This allows marketers to reach gamers with much more personalized and relevant marketing communications! After all, hardcore gamers are probably not interested in a mobile game and casual gamers don’t need a state-of-the-art PC setup.

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