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At AnalyticsIQ, we’re committed to innovation and continuous improvement. Whether we add completely new data types or better versions of existing variables, you can count on our team of data scientist to build, validate, and publish 10 to 20 brand new elements every quarter.

And even though 2017 is coming to a close, we refuse to break with tradition.

Our team is proud to introduce 12 fresh consumer attributes that are now available on our PeopleCore database.

To hear all about the latest and greatest data, check out Gregg’s first web show – Winning with Data! Want the abbreviated version (read below for details, but we promise, you will miss out on Gregg’s candid insights!).

So what’s first up in our new data release?

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!”

How close is your target audience to your store or stores like it?

DistanceIQ can tell you!

Our new location-based variables inform marketers on how far a Zip+4 is from each of the following major retailers:

• Walmart
• Target
• Whole Foods
• Sephora
• Casual Male XL

One of the biggest factors to customer acquisition and retention is simply proximity. Now marketers can use this actionable parameter to reach their next customers thanks to DistanceIQ.

But we did not stop there.

Added to our ChannelIQ data, we’ve created a new audience of Pinterest social media influencer. If you score high on this variable you’re probably ‘Pinning’ something amazing right now and inspiring others.

Our collection of lifestyle variables has increased as well. We’ve added an attribute that measures the likelihood of someone being a member of the LGBTQ community to further capture the most accurate portrayal of all individuals.

At AnalyticsIQ, we believe that healthcare verticals across the board have an opportunity to see major benefits from the use of quality consumer data and analytics. For that reason, we have worked to build out a comprehensive suite of health and wellness data elements called HealthIQ.

Three unique variables have been added to HealthIQ just in time for the new year. Our Junk Food Diet score predicts the likelihood of consistently eating junk food. We’ve also developed likelihood predictor that indicates the frequency of using smoking tobacco products.

The third new HealthIQ element is an overall wellness score that captures an individual’s overall health and wellness from a mind, body, and soul perspective.

More New Data Rolling Out…

We often view ourselves as our biggest competitor – and we’re not afraid to beat ourselves.

Based on continuous testing and client feedback, sometimes we’re just not satisfied with how certain variables perform. This quarter, new and improved versions of our Marital Status and Ability to Pay (ATP) elements have been added and updated on our PeopleCore consumer database.

You don’t need roads to have outstanding marketing success! Contact us today at to learn more about these or any of our accurate, precise, and predictive consumer data products.