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More often than not, there is more to a trend than meets the eye. That is, until you dive into the data. And consumer finance marketing is no exception.

As new financial trends continue to make headlines every day, it can be difficult to distinguish opinion from reality. As curious researchers ourselves, we decided to not only examine but also analyze six of the biggest, most relevant financial trends currently taking place within today’s marketplace with our own rich data. The goal of this in-depth analysis is to help your organization answer critical questions.

From cryptocurrency investments to credit card spending habits, our latest eBook dives deep to uncover the truth behind the headlines. These data-driven consumer insights offer invaluable understanding into the hearts and minds of your clientele to transform the way you approach these opportunities.

Inside the eBook, you’ll find not only an outline of the trends, but an analysis of what our comprehensive and predictive database says about consumers and their marketplace habits. 

Here’s a sneak peak of the questions we answer:

1.       Are cashless transactions and digital payments here to stay or just a fad?

2.       Are online and mobile banking solutions exclusive to younger generations?

3.       Do credit card users really spend more money?

4.       Do men and women invest differently?

5.       What types of financial education resources are my customers seeking? 

6.       Is cryptocurrency just a bunch of noise?

Interested in learning the answers and seeing how cutting-edge data that’s available today can help you capitalize on these changes? Download it here!

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