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In the relentless fight against COVID-19, the use of reliable data and scalable data science practices has made a huge difference in the advancement of our understanding of the virus, how it affects certain populations, and how to combat it. To that end, AnalyticsIQ is proud that our data was leveraged in research conducted by The Economist to examine the correlation between underlying health conditions, demography, patient outcomes.

Using records and predictive data from Datavant’s COVID-19 Research Database, which draws from 425,000 individuals in the United States who tested positive for coronavirus, The Economist created a model that reliably predicts the rate of hospitalization and death due to COVID-19 based on AnalyticsIQ age and gender data in conjunction with known underlying medical conditions.

“We were most surprised by the difference in the relative importance of age and comorbidities when measuring the chances of death versus those of hospitalization.”

– The Economist

While not intended for use of personal risk assessment, their interactive mortality calculator allows you to visually display the correlation between a combination of certain risk factors, specific demography, and the likelihood of hospitalization and death due to a COVID-19 diagnoses.

As one may expect, as age and the presence of comorbidities increase, so too does the likelihood of hospitalization and death. However, it is interesting to find that while survival rate is most closely correlated with age, even the younger population has a relatively high likelihood of being hospitalized when specific medical conditions are present such as kidney, liver, and cardiovascular ailments.

It is so important for researchers to be able to leverage fresh, accurate, and comprehensive data from reliable sources for studies like this that aim to understand challenges facing our world today, and we are so proud that our data played a key role in the development of this research study from The Economist and the fight against COVID-19.

Check out the complete article and experience the interactive mortality calculator to see the correlations between demography, underlying health conditions, and COVID-19 patient outcomes first-hand.