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New Segments for Targeted Marketing Combine Behavioral Data About the Content People Are Streaming OTT with Their Shopping Habits and Predictors

NEW YORK, NY AND ATLANTA, GA (Original Post on GlobeNewswire) Predictive analytics and consumer marketing data leader, AnalyticsIQ, and PeerLogix (OTCQB: LOGX), the established standard for tracking non-subscription based Over-the-Top (“OTT”) engagement data, today announced their data-focused partnership. By teaming up, marketers can now target consumers across channels based on the type of media they consume as well as their spending habits and buying power. This partnership is powered by LiveRamp®, an Acxiom® company (NASDAQ: ACXM) and leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution, and their Data Innovators program. As a result of this partnership, consumers will experience fresher, more relevant digital engagement from brands, and more easily discover offerings that meet their needs.

According to eMarketer, the average U.S. adult spends more than 12 hours per day consuming media. Netflix alone touts that its subscribers stream over 1 billion hours of video per week. And people show no signs of slowing down their love for streaming and downloading media in 2018.

“Consumers are streaming content at a rapid pace. That’s where PeerLogix comes in. We bring a unique set of data to the table that can’t be found anywhere else,” stated Ray Colwell, Chief Executive Officer of PeerLogix. “We immediately capture consumer streaming behavior – from movies to music – and make this data available to marketers for targeting. By layering on AnalyticsIQ’s spend and shopping related data, we’re really giving brands the one-two punch to be able to reach individuals who love certain types of content and also have the likelihood to make certain types of purchases.”

For example, the first batch of the new “Media Streamers with Buying Power Audiences” empower advertisers to reach segments of consumers such as:

  • Big apparel spenders who watch The Voice: Reach affluent, apparel shoppers who watch The Voice on OTT networks.  These apparel shoppers make up approximately the top 20% of apparel spenders.
  • Domestic travel lovers who stream Game of Thrones: Connect with affluent, domestic travel spenders who watch Game of Thrones on OTT networks. These travelers make up approximately the top 20% of domestic travel spenders.
  • Personal care shoppers who love Sports television: Target individuals who tune into sports television programming on OTT networks. These personal care and beauty product shoppers make up approximately the top 20% of personal care spenders.

“Our company is known for our accurate, in-depth and predictive financial and spend related data,” said Anna Brantley, Chief Revenue Officer of AnalyticsIQ. “By working with PeerLogix, we’re able to help marketers connect with valuable audiences who are likely to care about and intend to spend on specific product categories – from auto and apparel to dining out and donating to special causes. By bringing our two unique data sets together, we are giving advertisers a rare opportunity to blend ‘where’ people are spending time, with ‘what’ they are likely to spend their dollars on.”

These new audience segments are especially powerful for marketers who may not have the budget to place a traditional TV media buy across a program like The Voice, but still want to reach that audience across other channels, such as digital display.

As of today, approximately 400 AnalyticsIQ/PeerLogix audience segments are now available through LiveRamp’s IdentityLinkTM data store feature – and over 2,000 more are coming soon. LiveRamp’s Data Innovators program is designed to provide unique, exclusive, deterministic data sets for marketers, and a new revenue stream for data owners.

“The Data Innovators Program uses LiveRamp’s identity resolution to empower data leaders like AnalyticsIQ and PeerLogix to join forces and create unique, high-value audiences,” said Luke McGuinness, GM Data Store, LiveRamp. “By powering a robust data ecosystem and providing tools for our partners to combine their strengths, we’re giving marketers access to new and effective ways to connect with consumers.”

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AnalyticsIQ is a leading predictive analytics and consumer marketing data innovator. We are the first data company to consistently blend cognitive psychology with sophisticated data science to help marketers understand how and why consumers make decisions. Our accurate and comprehensive PeopleCore consumer database provides unrivaled insights to advertisers, agencies and technology providers. Our data helps brands fuel personalized experiences across channels including direct mail, email, online, mobile and TV. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, AnalyticsIQ’s team of data analysts, scientists, and cognitive psychologists have over 100 years of collective analytical experience and expertise. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @AnalyticsIQ.

About PeerLogix

PeerLogix is an advertising technology and data aggregation company providing a proprietary software as a service, or SAAS, platform which enables the tracking and cataloguing of over-the-top viewership and listenership in order to determine consumer trends and preferences based upon media consumption. PeerLogix’s patent pending platform collects over-the-top data, including IP addresses of the streaming and downloading parties (e.g., location), the name, media type (whether movie, television, documentary, music, e-books, software, etc.), and genre of media watched, listened or downloaded, and utilizes licensed and publicly available demographic and other databases to further filter the collected data to provide insights into consumer preferences to digital advertising firms, product and media companies, entertainment studios and others.

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