5 Major Healthcare Trends Proving Data is Critical to Better Patient Outcomes

In Blog by Travis Meeks

As industries evolve, new shifts and trends are inevitable. But in an industry as high stakes as healthcare where patient wellbeing is on the line, ensuring your organization understands key trends – and has the insights needed to capitalize – is imperative. So, after listening to experts in the space, our team of researchers and psychologists has taken the guesswork out for healthcare organizations striving to become more data-driven and patient-centric in our latest eBook.

Not only will you find an outline of the latest trends changing the healthcare landscape, but you’ll also see the predictive AnalyticsIQ data points that will help you understand the consumer experience to improve patient outcomes.

Here is a sneak peak of the trends we cover:

  1. Broadening patient diversity requires medical, emotional, and cultural understandings.
  2. Precision care is guided by precise, predictive analytics.
  3. Telehealth is ushering in a new era of medicine.
  4. Understand social determinants of health to prioritize care for high-risk populations.
  5. Value-based care success hinges on data-driven marketing.

If you’re ready to read the details on how these trends are already affecting the healthcare marketplace as well as the granular and predictive data available to help your organization respond, download our complete eBook here.

Our data helps healthcare organizations improve their analytics and predictive power as well as fuel personalized experiences across channels including direct mail, email, online, mobile, and TV. For more information, contact us at info@analytics-iq.com.