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It’s official, marketers. We can add two D’s to the 4 P’s of marketing. The two D’s, of course, represent ‘digital’ and ‘data’, and when effectively leveraged together, the pair produces sweet, sweet marketing music.

And like it or not, the new additions are critical to marketing success in 2016. That’s why AnalyticsIQ is proud to announce that our data is now available for digital advertising through our partnerships with Oracle Data Cloud and others.

86% of marketers are using or are planning to use Big Data to enhance their digital marketing initiatives

As more and more shopping and consumption occurs digitally, it should come as no surprise that marketers now devote 60% of their time to digital activities.

Consumers live online and marketers have moved next door. But due to privacy concerns and the seemingly infinite digital channels that exist, delivering targeted messages that increase response and conversion rates is a unique challenge digital marketers face. Targeting and personalization are the top digital priorities for companies in 2016.

So can marketers target consumers as effectively in the digital world as they do offline? In short, absolutely. In fact, these days they really do not have a choice.

Enter AnalyticsIQ and our data for digital advertising.

AnalyticsIQ offers best in class data for digital marketing so marketers can execute successful multimedia campaigns using our quality data.

Here are a couple of ways our data for digital advertising give marketers an advantage when addressing the 2 D’s:

  1. It uses an expansive universe and extensive onboarding techniques to get the reach you need. Why? We have seen a direct correlation between high quality data with impressive rollout universe potential and exceptional digital performance.
  2. It couples predictive data with cookies or IP address identifiers. AnalyticsIQ’s digital marketing clients have been able to create a much clearer picture of online prospects using these techniques. We have seen it drive greater understanding of things like consumer channel preference, affluence indicators, automotive purchase behaviors and demographics in the digital environment.

Marketers, it’s time to add two D’s to your marketing mix. We’d be happy to discuss these concepts in greater detail. Get the clarity you need before you launch another digital campaign. Your next customer is waiting!