Financial services marketers and data users can now access P$YCLE Premier Segments via AnalyticsIQ

ATLANTA, GA, USA (Originally Posted February 6, 2024 on — AnalyticsIQ, the leading provider of predictive people-based data, today announced an expanded relationship with Claritas®, a data-driven company that helps marketers achieve superior ROI. Together, the relationship enables AnalyticsIQ to seamlessly offer P$YCLE® Premier segmentation codes.

Through the expansion of this partnership, financial services brands and marketers will be able to leverage P$YCLE Premier proprietary segmentation which provides insight into the financial needs and behaviors of American households along with additional comprehensive people-based marketing data in order to execute targeted and personalized marketing communications across channels.

“Claritas and AnalyticsIQ share the common goal of driving better marketing outcomes. With the expansion of our partnership, we are thrilled to be able to offer our clients and partners access to an invaluable segmentation tool built for financial services marketers, P$YCLE Premier,” said Anna Brantley, Chief Revenue Officer at AnalyticsIQ. “Data users now have the opportunity to access P$YCLE Premier in addition to PRIZM Premier alongside our predictive, people-based PeopleCore consumer data,” added Brantley.

AnalyticsIQ is the first data company to blend cognitive psychology with data science in order to drive better outcomes by helping B2C and B2B organizations across industries understand who people are, what they do, and why they make decisions. Giving clients and partners the ability to access P$YCLE Premier Segments along with their reliable and predictive data and through partnership with Claritas greatly enhances their mission of driving better outcomes for all.

“Our partnership with AnalyticsIQ furthers our joint ability to boost ROI for marketers. AnalyticsIQ is expanding to include P$YCLE Premier in addition to PRIZM Premier alongside AnalyticsIQ’s predictive people-based data. Financial services marketers unlock the ability to provide the personalization consumers demand today – all while protecting consumer privacy,” stated Jay Stockwell, Chief Revenue Officer at Claritas.

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About AnalyticsIQ
AnalyticsIQ is the leading people-based marketing data creator and predictive analytics innovator. Our mission is to fuel better outcomes for all by creating reliable and predictive people-based data by blending cognitive psychology with data science to help B2C and B2B organizations across industries understand who people are, what they do, and why they make decisions. Our PeopleCore consumer data, BusinessCore B2B data, and Connection+ B2B2C linkages provide insight into individuals that empower organizations to achieve better outcomes for all. Our fast and flexible approach makes it easy to get started using sophisticated data to grow your business. Whether you’re looking to improve your marketing results across channels, build predictive models, power research, or drive better outcomes, AnalyticsIQ can be your partner. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @AnalyticsIQ and LinkedIn.

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For almost five decades, Claritas has been a trailblazer in understanding the American consumer, resulting in the industry’s most embraced audience segmentation. Leveraging strategic acquisitions and a distinctive Identity Graph, the company has evolved into a marketing powerhouse. Claritas provides an all-in-one solution suite that enables marketers to enhance ROI by pinpointing ideal audiences, executing precise multichannel marketing engagements, and optimizing media spend across online and offline channels. With an accuracy-first foundation, the robust Claritas Identity Graph serves as the engine that drives these powerful solutions, encompassing a proprietary data set including 100% of U.S. adult consumers, over 1 billion devices and 10,000+ demographic and behavioral insights. The integration of patented and advanced AI technology as an underpin enhances the accuracy, speed, ease of use and scale of the Claritas solutions. Learn more at

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