An ideal client has a specific problem to solve, and data is the answer.

Insurance: Connect consumers with the coverage they need

Finding the right combination of eligible and in-market consumers seeking insurance is the holy grail. Insurance marketers rely on AnalyticsIQ’s financial and predictive data to target the right audience with the right product. For example, we can help you identify people searching for long-term care insurance or who are considering making a new auto purchase – all perfect candidates for insurance products.

Selecting insurance isn’t just about in-market status though. It’s an emotional purchase with needs changing based on an individual’s life stage. Our PeopleCore data also helps marketers understand psychological drivers so marketing messages resonate with prospects.

Financial Services: Efficient and compliant tactics made possible

Income is an important piece of the consumer puzzle, but not the only piece when it comes to seeing the bigger financial picture. Overall wealth, investing activity, credit worthiness and discretionary income are all critical elements in truly knowing your customers. Our FinanceIQ and GeoCreditIQ products capture all the powerful elements that make up a consumer’s financial health. This data is available in Regulation B compliant formats, and leverages non FCRA-compliant data, which ensures marketers can keep consumer data and privacy safe, and still enable highly efficient marketing tactics.

Retail: Connect with shoppers at the right moment

Determining when a consumer is shopping for your product is critical. Our InMarketIQ data blends our highly accurate income data, consumer’s spending behaviors across categories, life stage data, as well as custom consumer surveys. This data is highly predictive and is useful for timing marketing communications, customizing creative, or creating custom models. MotivatorIQ uses cognitive psychology to go beyond in-market status, and helps marketers realize not only what a consumer does, but also how and why they make choices.

Automotive: Put in-market consumers behind the wheel

Data has been a critical pillar in automotive marketing for years. Using a blend of Automotive specific data, with general consumer data is the key to taking your data fueled strategies to the next level. For example, AutoIQ helps to identify consumers that are in market for used vs new vehicles, or even your exact make. Our wider data set can help fill in the gaps- not only income, but discretionary income. How many children live in the home? Do they respond more to marketing in one channel over another? And very importantly- what motivates them? Are they impulsive? Innovative? Value Seekers? Having the answers to these questions helps you make the best decisions for your upcoming initiatives.

Agencies: Arm your team with data that drives success

Our data empowers everyone in your agency to deliver the best possible outcomes to your clients. We have a comprehensive data set to meet the needs of a wide range of verticals. Our team of data scientists also frequently create custom models to match a specific initiative driven by an agency partner. Our data powers creative personalization, targeted media, and in-depth analytics to help agencies deliver personalized consumer experiences.

Non-Profits: Help your organization do more good

We are passionate about the work we do with non-profit organizations. Our CharityIQ data helps organizations maximize their list of potential donors by identifying likely contributors. The data goes one step further by helping to identify their donor level and what motivates their contribution. Is it for internal or external reasons? Are they a spontaneous, one-time giver or prefer to plan their contributions? Which channels will connect best with this person?

Check out our case study here to see how we helped one non-profit lower their cost to acquire new donors by over 70%!

Technology Providers: Partner to build new data-driven solutions

We are excited to partner with the best and the brightest in the ad-tech ecosystem. We combine our offline data asset with a variety of diverse technology providers to create exciting new products that enable marketers to activate the best data across channels.

Our data is used for targeting and analytics within DMPs, DSPs, Publisher Platforms, Mobile Apps, and digital analytics providers. If you have an idea for how the most accurate and comprehensive offline data can create something new and different, we are excited to brainstorm! Contact us here.

Travel: Become part of a consumer’s journey

Travel clients have found great success using data to not only improve targeting, but also by personalizing the messages based on the audience. TravelIQ helps marketers find consumers that are ready to book a trip, and customize messaging based on the value of the trip, type of travel they are looking for, and whether they hold a travel credit card. Check out the success of one of our travel clients in this case study.

CBD Advertisers: Reach CBD users and curious consumers

The CBD (cannabidiol) industry is booming, anticipated to hit $22 billion in revenue by 2020 with two in three U.S. consumers considering using CBD-infused products, from pet treats to beauty oils. AnalyticsIQ is the first company to use cognitive psychology in creating audiences specifically designed to help CBD companies target and reach CBD consumers across channels.

By blending together demographics, behaviors and psychological motivators, our CBD marketing audiences help companies target and reach people likely to use CBD products. Targeting can also be tailored based on an individual’s likely frequency of usage, the types of products they seek such as oils and topicals, and even their motivations for using CBD products like stress or pain management.