Success Stories

Offline data is a powerful tool but like many tools, it can serve very different purposes based on your project and need. Below we explore a few of the ways AnalyticsIQ data is helping savvy brands fuel marketing across channels.

We Deliver The Most Predictive Models

We have all heard the old data adage… “garbage in, garbage out”. It’s never more true than when using data to create a model.

After working with another major data provider, one financial services company experienced a drop in performance due to suffering data quality. They put AnalyticsIQ in a head to head test with other data providers to see who had the most accurate and predictive data.

We’re proud to say we came out on top. And if you are evaluating your data provider, you should know that we love to compete!

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more predictive than the nearest competitor's model
decrease in CPA for digital campaign to raise funds for non-profit

Our Data Drives Better Digital Campaigns

Consumers are digital beings; we are always connected. AnalyticsIQ partnered with a major non-profit to explore the best way for them to bring their fundraising efforts into the digital era by finding new donors online. AnalyticsIQ leveraged the client’s prior donor list and PeopleCore data to create a powerful model for Facebook targeting. The client also used this data to power additional Facebook audiences for extended reach. The result? The data now drives a majority of their digital donations!

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Our Segmentation Drives Higher Responses

Each and every consumer is unique and nuanced which means it can be challenging to personalize marketing messages at scale. One travel and vacation company decided to evaluate our Symphony segmentation solution to see if a more customized approach to marketing could improve campaign performance. Starting with their existing list of customers, AnalyticsIQ dove into the data to identify profitable and important segments for the travel company.

After evaluating all 90 micro segments, a handful of important audiences were selected for campaign targeting. A unique messaging strategy was proposed for each targeting group, altering not only the promotion that was shared, but even which marketing channels were utilized. The results? Each segment performed better than ever before, reducing significant marketing waste for the travel advertiser.

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Increased response rates by
for travel advertiser