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See Voters as People. Not Just Parties.

Politics is a volatile industry. Between social issues, current events and political commentary, public opinion can change on a dime. At the same time, political viewpoints are diversifying – constituents cherry-pick from party platforms rather than strictly aligning with a single organization. This puts extra strain on political marketers, who are responsible for finding, reaching, and mobilizing constituents to vote or support a certain candidate or policy. With so much at stake, it’s vital to craft campaigns that actually speak to the needs, concerns, and goals of your constituency. AnalyticsIQ makes it possible, by giving you a clear look at the people on the other side of the ballot and the issues they care about.

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Political Audiences: Break through the Noise and Drive Change

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How Events Affect Voter Turnout

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Empower Predictive Analytics

Things happen fast. One minute a candidate has a double-digit lead in the polls, and the next they can be trailing behind. All it takes is an unforeseen event, a damaging comment, or a shift in public opinion. AnalyticsIQ delivers over 1200 predictive data points that paint a rich portrait of your constituents, including their life stage, interests, values, demographics, even econometric data. This robust view helps you respond quickly to current events and keeps your candidate or measure ahead in public opinion.

Drive Donations

Regardless of whether your race is at the local, state, or federal level, donations are vital for success. But driving voters to the polls and driving donations are very different animals. AnalyticsIQs rich experience in driving charitable contributions both in and out of the political arena provides your team with an edge over the competition. Our team has the data needed to identify constituents who support your candidate as well as the financial means to donate to their campaign.

Connect with Constituents

After rising for decades, the number of voters who identify as independent is now over 40%. This means it’s getting more and more difficult to win constituents’ support, as many don’t fall cleanly into one bucket or another. Determining the issues that matter, and how to drive action is not so simple. AnalyticsIQ shows you what your constituents believe and what motivates them to act on a variety of hot button issues, enabling you to create campaigns that win over voters.

Think you know

Voters have nearly 6X the net worth of non-voters

Political donors (either party) are over 47% more likely to be military veterans

Go Beyond Party Lines to Connect with Today’s Voters

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