AnalyticsIQ is so excited to announce the addition of Michelle Reed to our fast-growing team! Michelle brings her passion for healthcare, SDOH, and experience in data and analytics as Director of Health Partnerships to help AnalyticsIQ further our mission of helping achieve better outcomes for all with data.

Let’s meet Michelle!

Hi Michelle! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello everyone, I’m Michelle and I am VERY excited to be joining the AnalyticsIQ team. I grew up in Texas where I went on to attend Texas A&M for my undergrad studies before moving out to Long Beach, California and have absolutely LOVED calling the west coast my home ever since.

I have a diverse background that is all connected through my love of numbers and the story they tell that culminated during my Master’s program at UC Irvine which, eventually, led me to the world of data, analytics and machine learning.

A love of numbers and data? A perfect fit! Can you share more about your career?

My career in the world of data and analytics began at a machine learning and advanced analytics company where I helped build applications of advanced analytics used for predictive and prescriptive solutions for non-technical users. There I spent around 4ish years working with customers to build predictive models based on the data they provided. These ranged over a wide range of verticals, but what always interested me most was our healthcare customers.

Around two years ago that company was acquired by a healthcare data management and archiving company where I continued to help our new customers in the same way but was now fully focused on healthcare customers. This part of my career gave me the opportunity to work and talk with many healthcare systems about the need to have easy access to their data to drive more helpful analytics.

You passion for the healthcare space is clear. What excites you about the use of people-based data in healthcare?

The use of people-based data in healthcare is exciting because understanding patients as people and understanding the SDOH factors that impact their health should be at the center of every healthcare experience. And with people-based data that goes beyond the chart, healthcare organizations can do exactly that!

Additionally, predictive people-based data helps to take the burden off healthcare organizations looking to collect and curate this data themselves. It allows them the ability to focus their time and energy on what they can do best as care organizations which is care for their patient populations.

Why are you passionate about SDOH specifically?

We all know the value of social determinants of health: such insight completes the FULL picture from a data perspective – specifically shedding light on who people are and their lives outside of the four walls of the doctor’s office – and we know that these factors directly affect our health.

Appending this data with the medical data already collected by healthcare organizations enables more prescriptive care, more understanding of each unique patient and any barriers to care they may have, and any outside factors – like access to food or technology – that might be impacting their health. The more our healthcare organizations have a holistic view and approach to each patient, the closer we are to moving from sick care to well-care.

Why did you decide to join AnalyticsIQ?

The unique approach AnalyticsIQ takes when it comes to data creation first caught my attention. I liked how they do not just aggregate commoditized data, but rather focus on diving into the intent and behaviors of individuals with cognitive psychological research and data science.

A good friend from college once said that ‘data is the debris of all human behavior’. It is the information about us that gets left behind in the wake of our everyday lives. Many industries have learned to use such data for good in many ways, but it only goes so far. Working to understand more about why people do what they do and their unique intents and behaviors brings depth and richness to the ‘debris of data’ out in the world.

Unfortunately, however, this data is a byproduct of any processes that happen out in the world that we cannot just skim. We must be purposeful and take specific action in order to find it and action on it. Most organizations try to, but usually only at a small scale or for their specific population, but here at AnalyticsIQ we are doing all of that at a scale every vertical can benefit from.

Last one! Any hobbies or personal interests outside of work?

I enjoy anything and everything outside, sports (especially baseball), antiquing, and traveling with friends and family. I am a triathlete – finished two 70.3s and my biggest goal for 2023 is to complete my first Ironman in September! I like to sail – I raced on J105 for the last 4 years and love being out on the water. Who doesn’t love an occasional dolphin sighting? 😊 

We’re so excited to have you on the team, Michelle!