Watch out Vegas, the AnalyticsIQ team is headed out west for FinTech Meetup 2023! Team members Theresa Blue and Curtis Marshall, our resident experts on all things FinTech, are heading out west for this four-day event from March 19th through the 22nd and can’t wait to see what this amazing industry event has in store for them.

As one of the premier events in the world of financial services technology, FinTech Meetup is an excellent opportunity for leaders and industry experts to network, exchange new ideas, and catch up on all the latest industry trends and advancements. This four-day event will be packed full of networking opportunities, presentations, and speeches by the best and brightest in the industry, and the chance to learn about where financial services technology is headed in the next few years. Attendees will get the chance to hear more about everything from banking technology to the role cryptocurrency is playing in the financial field and more!

Theresa and Curtis are both passionate about all things FinTech and always look forward to connecting with other industry professionals. So, if you plan on attending this amazing event be sure to keep an eye out for them and say hello!

See you in Vegas!