Lead generation and performance marketing are important parts of the overall marketing process, which is why we are so excited to be in attendance at the upcoming LeadsCon 2023 conference. Our Theresa Blue and Jason Morris, experts in all things predicative analytics and B2B, will attend this amazing event in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 13th through the 15th on behalf of the AnalyticsIQ team.

LeadsCon is a premier event for executives and professionals in the performance marketing and lead generation industries that offers attendees three days full of networking and relevant content presentations from top experts in the field. This great event is the perfect opportunity for our team to meet and connect with other professionals and industry leaders, learn about new industry trends and insights, and discover the latest news in the lead generation and performance marketing space.

AnalyticsIQ is the leading offline marketing data creator and predictive analytics innovator. We are the first data company to consistently blend cognitive psychology with sophisticated data science to help you understand who individuals are, what they do, and why they make decisions every day – regardless of whether they are at home as consumers or at work as professionals. Brands and organizations rely on this data to provide intelligent customer experience, power research, build & deliver new products, create predictive models that guide key business decisions, and more.

Here at AnalyticsIQ, we are always looking for new ways to innovate and connect with others, and Theresa and Jason are looking forward to being on the ground for LeadsCon 2023. So, if you plan on attending, keep and eye out for these two so you can say hello!