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Businesses Don’t Make Decisions. People Do.

B2B Marketers rely on data to identify the right accounts to prioritize. But does your data tell you anything about the people behind those accounts? Do you know what motivates those professionals to partner with some businesses and not others? With AnalyticsIQ’s rare ability to link business and consumers data, you could really call our data B2B2C. BusinessCore gives you personal perspectives, predictions, and a strategy that reaches beyond the traditional cold call or email. And that’s the kind of experience people are looking for—whether in the office or at home.

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BusinessCore: Businesses Don’t Make Decisions…People Do.

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AnalyticsIQ Introduces BusinessCore to Transform B2B Marketing

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Dear B2B Marketers, Your Prospects are Begging for Personalization

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Link the Professional to the Person

We tie 48 million business contacts – including C-suite leaders and key B2B decision makers – to their home addresses and persona profiles. We call it B2B2C. This linkage opens up a world of possibilities in your existing data strategy, maximizing every one of your existing B2B outreach efforts. In a recent test, the addition of AnalyticsIQ’s BusinessCore linkage data boosted one data provider’s online match rate at the individual level by over 6%, and device level match rate by 13%!

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Now more than ever, professionals are getting work done wherever life takes them. With other data sources, you’ll likely be able to get contact information for businesses, but you may not reach the person who makes the decision, especially if they’re on the go or living the work-from-home lifestyle. With AnalyticsIQ, we can help you identify the professionals that are a good fit for your business and empower you to reach them at the office or at home, across channels.

Personalize Your ABM Approach

When marketing to businesses, it’s all about being adaptable. These days, B2B buyers want more than a cold, generic outreach. They want an experience that resonates and aligns with their personal buying expectations and focus. With AnalyticsIQ, you can cut through the noise and reach more professionals in more channels with direct, personalized messaging.

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Professionals with 2X+ the net worth prefer email as a first point of contact

Older audiences prefer whitepapers

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