Welcome Marc Sabatini

By Dave Kelly, President/CEO, AnalyticsIQ, Inc.

AIQ has just added another seasoned executive to our team, Marc Sabatini.  Marc will be focused on business development and will establish our new office in NYC (OK….actually New Jersey).

Marc has a great track record in our market space, and I have been fortunate to work closely with Marc over the last 13 years.  He takes an entrepreneurial approach to the business and appreciates the value of analytics.  Our kind of guy!

This is a significant evolution for AIQ. We have grown a great business through
partnerships and viral marketing.  While we will continue down the same path, it will be nice to actually reach out to ‘strangers’ to let them know about some of our great products and services.

Feel free to reach out to Marc:  marcs@analytics-iq.com.