New AIQ Products

By Dave Kelly, President/CEO, AnalyticsIQ, Inc.


Although we typically avoid overt self-promotion with these blog entries, I thought I would use this space to list out some of our newest products:

  • Social-IQ: This is an individual-level score that assesses the degree that an individual engages social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  The score identifies 14 million influencers on these networking sites.
  • AIQ Political Suite: AIQ has developed tools to identify donors to conservative and liberal causes.
  • Improved AIQ Home Value: AIQ’s home value is sourced (and optimized) from seven unique home values, as well as other related data.  The end result is a much more accurate home valuation and better coverage.

AIQ’s consumer database is compiled (by AIQ) from over 100 distinct sources and consists of 500+ proprietary attributes.