Introducing Our Newly Improved Data Product – IncomeIQ

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We have recently released the third generation of our income predictor, IncomeIQ. While prior versions have performed well in predicting household income, the new version is actually 10% more accurate (based on a comparison against a ‘truth file’ of verified income values for a random group of American consumers).

We have always been confident in the accuracy of IncomeIQ, so much so that we deliver it as a continuous value (where an IncomeIQ value of ‘74’ means $74,000 in annual household income). This approach allows for more granularity in actual use and assists in modeling.

Mike Hattub, COO of AnalyticsIQ said, “We know that IncomeIQ is already the most accurate income predictor on the market: our clients tell us and we have seen benchmark studies. I am proud of what our team did here: we took something that worked really well and made it even better by integrating a new development approach and some new data.”

AIQ believes in letting the numbers speak for themselves. Please let us know if you are interested in testing the new IncomeIQ.