DMA Conference 2011

By Dave Kelly, President/CEO, AnalyticsIQ, Inc.

We recently returned from the Direct Marketing Association’s annual conference (this year it was held in Boston) and I am pleased to report that the show was a hit.


After years of decline, to the point that several people I know considered not attending this year, the DMA finally seemed to have some energy.  It may help that the folks at the DMA decided to return to the east coast after several years out west (Las Vegas, San Diego and San Francisco) or it may be a sign that the ‘Great Marketing Depression’ is nearing an end.  It could also be that the DMA has made itself more relevant, although I think (unfortunately) that this is a minor influence, at best.


The DMA is still fundamentally a direct mail show, but at least there was some level of excitement this time around.  Will this show still be relevant in five years?  Maybe, but only if there is really significant evolution at the DMA.  I can definitely think of some online shows that seem to be filling the need for digital at a much faster rate than the DMA.