Developing a Total Lead Scoring Solution

By Mike Hattub, Chief Operating Officer, AnalyticsIQ, Inc.


Lead Scoring is growing more and more critical in order to achieve and maintain success in the online direct marketing space.  This ‘Lead Scoring’ concept takes on many interpretations related to real-time online services.  The interpretations range from:

-  Validating lead information;

-  Minimizing fraudulent leads;

-  Adding identifying information for additional marketing;

-  Appending descriptive characteristics;

-  Applying segmentation for optimizing products/offers;

-  Applying algorithms predicting events like conversion.

Having a one-stop shop that can execute all of the above services is extremely valuable since every lead buyer needs one or more of these solutions to manage their business effectively. Additionally, being able to have one platform to deliver these services creates an even more powerful data asset for end-users by having a complete data repository for ongoing analysis, validations, modeling, etc.  The more you know and can learn about leads at every stage of their lifecycle, the better decisions can be in the future.

The online marketing world is maturing rapidly and new companies are entering the market constantly.  As this phenomenon continues, the need for advanced analytics will grow exponentially; companies will have to adapt to survive and stay ahead of the pack.